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*Channeled is a conduit from the upper worlds. All consultations are from Dr.Dillon

Channeled Consultation

All of Lauren’s readings are channeled. These readings are ruled by integrity and focus on you.  You will gain an understanding of your journey by the time we are finished. You will receive guidance and direction for you to move forward.

15 minutes – $35 (For a Specific question only) – Buy Now

20 minutes – $55 – Buy Now

30 minutes – $100 – Buy Now

60 minutes – $175 – Buy Now

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Trance Channeled Consultations with Dr. Dillon

Lauren’s session begins with a time to connect with Dr. Dillon. They have been working together for many years. Once she connects with the upper realms a change of energy and a change of consciousness. You will be hearing from Dr. Dillon. Speaking with Spirit directly.

30 minutes – $125.00 – Buy Now

60 minutes – $250.00 – Buy Now

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Soul Consultations

One on One Soul Consultations are from Lauren’s heart to yours… It’s all about you. Through the modality of being an Empath, Lauren feels what you feel, therefore you will gain an understanding of your growth and expansion. In a consultation you will receive guidance and direction on your journey. Feeling Stuck? Feeling Depressed? Let me help you put yourself on a new path. All consultations channeled through Lauren.

30 minutes – $100.00 – Buy Now

60 minutes – $175.00 – Buy Now

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Transmuting Energy Blocks

This energy work consists of removing old energy blocks and releasing emotional tension to assist your life force moving freely within you. You will feel much lighter and you will receive more clarity. When we move energy, you gain peace and change of your greatest potential.

Energy work is available long distance and in person.

30 minutes – $100 – Buy Now

60 minutes – $175 (includes intuitive reading) – Buy Now

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My Mentoring program will teach your Higher Self and You Self Discovery. This is a new way of transforming yourself, a fresh beginning from your old story, to creating your new path. Looking at everything with a new set of eyes. You will gain knowledge and understanding of how to respond rather than react to different events. This program is very empowering and enlightening with personalized teachings, energy work and Intuitive Insight from the upper realms and will include a copy of my book, Be Honest with Yourself 7 Secrets to Happiness and Success. You always have a choice, let today be the first day of the rest of your life.

6 Week Package

1 Payment -  $675 - Buy Now

3 Payment Plan - $225 mo. - Buy Now

9 Week Package

1 Payment -  $900 - Buy Now

3 Payment Plan - $300 mo. - Buy Now

Be Honest With Yourself…

7 Secrets for Happiness & Success . . .

Join internationally known channel Lauren Weiss and her spirit guide Dr. Dillon as they expose the 7 secrets to happiness and success.

We are all deserving of the highest and best in our life. You need to give yourself permission to receive goodness in your life. The highest and best from a life experience that takes us to the lowest part of our life may be the greatest gift the Universe can give you.

Being at the bottom of the barrel can be a good thing because, after the fall, you finally have something solid under your feet to start the climb back up. I find it amazing how people, places, and situations play a part in our learning experiences.

The highest and best can bring you a knowing that you can have what you want. Now is the time for truly understanding the difference between struggling with strife and happily living a life of ease.

Now we are on our journey together.

*Available in Paperback & Kindle

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