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Lauren was born gifted. Psychic/Medium, Visionary, Empathic, Author, Teacher. Allow her to channel directly to the truth of the matter for your right path and right thinking.

Lauren offers: 

One on One Soul Consultations
Trance Channeled Consultations with Dr.Dillon
Spiritual Mentoring Program
Classes...and so much more

While Lauren's website is being created, you can connect with her to setup a session


Phone. (480) 766-6971

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7 Secrets for Happiness & Success

Join internationally known channel Lauren Weiss and her spirit guide Dr. Dillon as they expose the 7 secrets to happiness and success.


We are all deserving of the highest and best in our life. You need to give yourself permission to receive goodness in your life. The highest and best from a life experience that takes us to the lowest part of our life may be the greatest gift the Universe can give you.

Being at the bottom of the barrel can be a good thing because, after the fall, you finally have something solid under your feet to start the climb back up. I find it amazing how people, places, and situations play a part in our learning experiences.


The highest and best can bring you a knowing that you can have what you want. Now is the time for truly understanding the difference between struggling with strife and happily living a life of ease.


Now we are on our journey together.