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4 Week Be Honest With Yourself

“7  Secrets Happiness and Success”

This is a time to grow and evolve.  Based on my book “Be Honest With Yourself” 7 Secrets to Happiness and Success. We will create a new way of being. You will gain an understanding of the self. Move forward from pain and suffering to gain an understanding of your journey. I will be sharing wisdom from my Angel Dr. Dillon. You will be able to move forward on your new path. Responding instead of reacting. Through acceptance and non-judgment. Since the old ways no longer serve you. We will grow spiritually and learn to intergrade both realities.

This will begin April 11, 2020

I will start my classes 
1st week  April 11, 2020
9:00AM AZ Time
2nd week April 18 2020
3rd week April 25,2020
4th week May 02, 2020
Daylight savings time changes  March 08
So, for EST  Classes will start 12:00 noon

$25.00 per class or  Buy 3 weeks get the 4th week FREE!

Buy the 4week Pkg for $75.00/ PayPal.Me/intuitivelauren

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  1. These classes are all about growth and expansion.  This community is a safe place for self expression. We will begin by gaining an understanding of the little you. Beginning to get out of your old story.
  2. Today will be the first day of the rest of your life.. Learning to respond instead of react. Taking back your power. You take control of your life. The journey you want to create. Stop giving your power away to another.
  3. This class will give you tools for life. We will connect with our spirit guides, source, universe. Moving blocked energy that may hold you back. Cleansing your home and self.
  4. Today we will have questions and answers. Giving yourself permission to be open to receive. Loving and respecting yourself. This is the time for honoring and speaking from your heart. You don’t have to be right. You don’t need to prove yourself to another. Creating Boundaries.

Spiritual Coaching Program

This 8week program will teach you Self Discovery and to your Higher Self. A new way of transforming yourself. You will gain knowledge and understanding how to respond rather react to another. Very empowering, and very enlightening. This program encompasses a copy of my book, BeHonest with Yourself 7 Secrets to Happiness and Success, My personalized teachings, energy work, Intuitive Insight from the upper realms.  By the time we complete the 8 weeks, you will come from a sense of strength and a change in energy.

When purchasing the Coaching program    60 minutes $95.00 per session

A deposit of 100.00 is required. You will have 30 days from purchase to begin your 8 weeks.