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“It’s All About You”

This is a time to grow and evolve.  Based on my book “BeHonest With Yourself” 7 Secrets to Happiness and Success. We will create a new way of being. You will gain an understanding of the self. Move forward from pain and suffering to gain an understanding of your journey. I will be sharing wisdom from my Angel Dr. Dillon. You will be able to move forward on your new path. Responding instead of reacting. Through acceptance and non-judgment. Since the old ways no longer serve you. We will grow spiritually and learn to intergrade both realities.

This will begin Saturday Oct.06,2018

$25.00 per class or  Buy 3 weeks get the 4th week FREE!

Buy the 4week Pkg for $75.00/ PayPal.Me/intuitivelauren

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1st Week

We will assist with guidance and direction to the new you. Beginning of the new path.

Understanding transformation. Transmutation.

Learning to stay connected with Archangel Gabriel. Gabriel is the communicator.

 2nd week

Everything we do is an energy.

Thoughts create, words we speak, thoughts that you repeat in your mind

The frequency of your vibration, raising your vibration

3rd Week

Old belief system

Creating what you want, not what you don’t want

Cleansing and Protection

4th Week

Tools for life working with,

Archangel Sabriel, Miracles and Healing

Archangel Chamuel Filling your Heart with Love

Spiritual Coaching Program

This 8week program will teach you Self Discovery and to your Higher Self. A new way of transforming yourself. You will gain knowledge and understanding how to respond rather react to another. Very empowering, and very enlightening. This program encompasses a copy of my book, BeHonest with Yourself 7 Secrets to Happiness and Success, My personalized teachings, energy work, Intuitive Insight from the upper realms.  By the time we complete the 8 weeks, you will come from a sense of strength and a change in energy.

When purchasing the Coaching program    60 minutes $95.00 per session

A deposit of 100.00 is required. You will have 30 days from purchase to begin your 8 weeks.